Adewale Agunbiade-Maye 


Adewale A. Maye (b. 1996) is a Nigerian-American artist, photographer, and creative strategist based in Washington, DC. 

Beginning his journey in the field of Economics and Data Science, Adewale opted to follow his photography passion, refining his expertise in film, documentary, and portrait photography.

Adewale is actively exploring opportunities to broaden the scope of his photography genres, placing special emphasis on enhancing his footprint within the realm of editorial photography. He approaches these opportunities with enthusiasm, aiming to craft compelling visual narratives that captivate and resonate with viewers, offering unique perspectives on the world around us.

Adewale's goal is capture the vibrancy, resilience, and beauty of Black cultures around the world, sharing their stories through the lens of his camera and inviting viewers to celebrate the boundless creativity and diversity of the global Black community.